Car Removal Edmonton

Car Removal

Car Removal is our main focus at Car Removal Edmonton. We are one of the top Car Removal companies in Edmonton and the surrounding areas of Central Alberta.

Junk Car Removal is a booming business today as ugly, unwanted vehicles are hauled away to be recycled for their scrap metal value. The majority of these Junk Car Removals are headed for the crusher as they have no more salvage value for parts anymore.

Car Disposal is a simple process. We come to an agreement on a price for your unwanted vehicle over the phone. Then we meet at the vehicle location. You sign over the vehicle to us and supply the keys. We pay you cash on the spot and haul the vehicle away. Car Disposal is as easy as that and will finally remove an eyesore from your property.

Junk Cars are an eyesore and take up valuable space you could use for better purposes.Watching an unwanted vehicle slowly rust away and deteriorate is a demoralizing experience. Let Car Removal Edmonton remove your Junk Cars so you can enjoy your property again.

Car Removal Edmonton will haul your Junk Cars to one of the local Auto Wreckers. There they will have any valuable parts removed for Salvage. The oils, fluids, antifreeze and windshield washer fluid will be drained and put into containers for recycling. The tires will be removed and recycled as will any other recyclable parts. Then the Auto Wreckers will crush the vehicle to be reused as scrap metal. This allows most of the vehicle to be used as Salvage and recycled to begin life again in another form.

Cash For Cars or Cash For Clunkers – you've probably heard both terms used before. These terms refer to Junk Car Removal and recycling for scrap metal value. Please call Car Removal Edmonton at (780) 800-4915 and let us present our simple Cash For Cars or Cash For Clunkers program and get that Junk Car off your property!